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I prefer outdoor location shoots as compared to studio work. I am currently working on creating a collection of my best images for a 'coffee table' book and for numerous exhibitions lined up Nationwide in London, Manchester and Liverpool and in online galleries!...  I've been fortunate enough to have a feature of my work in the online magazine 'Jade' which is the official magazine for the 'Guild of erotic Artists' of which I am a member... Lots more exciting projects also lined up for 2015... watch this space and keep checking my weekly blog!...

My inspirational photographers are Lord Patrick Lichfield, Norman Parkinson, Bob Carlos Clark, David Bailey, Terence Donovan, Trevor Watson, Charlie Roff to name but a few. I once had a brief chance meeting with the late Lord Lichfield in 1983! The advice he gave me was invaluable.  I was fortunate enough to be selected into 'The Guild of Erotic Artists' this year!...  this has opened doors of opportunities for me and enabled my work to gain greater exposure and impetus via gallery and events exhibitions in London galleries and Art fairs in Chelsea, Russell Square and the Strand!




Although I specialise in 'Art Nude' styles of photography, I am also very adept in the following themes and genres of photography too...














Model portfolios

Private collections



Black and White

Natural light




Prices on request for commissioned work.


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Available on the bookstoke website are collections of my best images!  Click on the links below to preview and purchase





NOTES: Please note the following before agreeing to shoot with me or hire me!

AND especially checkout my Legal section page!...

I DO NOT do Chaperoned shoots!... never have done and never will do!!! This even means having partners, husbands, friends hanging around in the homes of models during 'home shoots'... on locations, or in studios!... It's very distracting and disconcerting and affects the quality of the shoot!!! Three is a crowd and my references speak for themselves!...

PAID WORK:  Yes!  I am available for hire!!!...  Here are my very reasonable rates for models wishing to enhance and improve their portfolios and get more paid work etc!... Minimum booking of two hours = £80 up to any 'level' and you get a minimum of 30 hi res images off shoot!  Travel expenses are 0.20p per mile after the first 10 miles from my base...  4 Hour shoot £120 and you get minimum of 50 hi res images... All day, 8 hours, £160 and you get 80 hi res images!!!        



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